Ülkemizin ilk Tekâfül şirketi

Ülkemizde faaliyete başlayan ilk ve tek Tekâfül şirketi olan Neova Sigorta ile ilgili çıkan İngilizce bir yazı.

Insurance company aims at conservatives in Turkey

Neova Insurance, a joint venture by five companies, aims at atracting customers who are cool towards insurance because of the their religious concerns, said the chief executive officer Tuesday at a press meeting in Istanbul.

Neova Insurance succeeded to realize premium generation of 44 million Turkish Liras by the end of September.

Özgür B. Koç, the CEO of the company said Neova aims to reach people living in Anatolian cities through different applications developed with concept of “Insurance of the Future.”

Starting its works in last year, Neova has taken its place in the market as the 24th among 33 companies displaying activity in the sector except life insurance with premium generation reaching at TL 44 million before completing one year, he said.

The company’s strategy is established to keep current customer in the system, to be proactive, to share profits and add new customers to the system so on, Koç told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review.

“There is no any other insurance company which shares its profit with the customers,” he said
There are many peeople in Turkey who remain “frosty” to insurance companies “due to their religious concerns,” he added.

“We would like to attract these people to our company.”

Since traditional islamic rules do not permit interest bearing bonds, the company offers share from the direct profits.

“We will first start offering traffic insurance which is compulsory in Turkey and proceed with the other insurance packages,” he said.

Target of Neova Sigorta founder partners of which consist of various affiliates of Kuwait Finance House, or KFH that is shown as the most important finance organization in its region with equity capital about 6 billion dollars and principal partner of which is Turkapital is to become one of important actors of the market.

Koç said considering decreasing direct foreign capital entrance due to effect of global financial crisis, 53 percent of shares of Neova Sigorta belongs to Turkapital, 35% to First Takaful, 7 percent to Kuveyt Türk, 5 percent to Al-Muthanna Investment and 0,001 percent to Autoland.

Turkey to become a hub 

Stating that they wanted to be an important Turkey based brand within five years, Board Chairman of Neova Insurance, Fawaz Al-Issa said that their following step was to expand to the region countries, primarily to Turkish Republics where principal partner of the company, Turkapital Holding had investments, talking to Daily News.

Stating their trust in Turkey by indicating direct investments made by KFH Group and Turkapital Holding in the country in last years, Al-Issa said, “we have one branch in Azerbaijan and another one in Tataristan in Russia. He said that “in maxiumum three years, we will expand more in these two regions with all our operations through Neova.”

Stating that they entered the sector in a difficult period due to effects of global crisis, Koç said that the sector started to remove effects of crisis in production but 2010 was the most profitless year of the recent history by results. He said, “We think that this has three main reasons such as the serious decrease in financial profits, the increase in remunerations.”

At the moment, Neova Sigorta reaches to its customers through 260 agencies affiliated to five regional directorates in distribution channel primarily in Ankara, Adana, Antalya, İzmir and Samsun through Kuveyt Türk and Albaraka Türk.